About us 

Homecookwholesale are Specialist Stockists of Traditional Enamel Cookware based In Nantwich,Cheshire.

We sell in small Quantities and single items to accomodate Small Independent Business.

Accounts are open to GenuineTrade Customers Only We do not sell to Retail customers for personal use.

We are always glad to meet and speak with customers by appointment why not visit us and view our ever changing stock

There is a wide range of Enamelware from Kitchenware to Decorative,Retro and vintage pieces.

From time to time we have Damaged or chipped items ideal for Interior Designers or Canal ware Artists.

To make an appointment please contact us by email info@homecookwholesale.com. 

Account Enquiries from Customers outside the U.K mainland or the E.U please email us from our contact page.